Crypto & Cash-hedging

Hedge your cash

“The Only Constant in Life is Change.”
This rule spoken out by Heraclitus is true, but it should not play out in a financial manner. Especially not when the value of the own currency changes it’s direction towards the lower end.

Almost all fiat currencies are volatile and go down in value over time. This is an intentional process done by the states, even by the self proclaimed democracies to keep their citizens poor and to reduce the own debt. Another nice side effect is the increase in power over own citizens and internationally. All these goals are not in the interest of people or the economy, they have to pay for their own slavery.

We are giving a financial exit by changing any currency into gold, even for someone who does not have a bank account. We can offer numerous other payment systems, including cash-transaction-networks like Westernunion or Moneygram.

Companies who operate in economically challenging markets are also welcome, due we offer market making via International Bank Transfers up to a value of 100.000$ per transaction.

Hedge your Cryptos

Cryptos are even more volatile assets, which could give its investors higher returns or losses. Especially in bearish times, this could hit big investors, as it could be difficult for an exchange to find a suitable counterpart. Here at Aurupay, a single Crypto order can be worth up to $100,000$, which is purchased at any time.

Another interesting fact is that a transaction of cryptos takes place directly between the parties, without the need to top up an Aurupay crypto-address beforehand. This distinguishes Aurupay from many crypto exchanges and gives its users an additional security feature. Of course is the gold always secured by our escrow system, till a transaction is done.