Thanks for your interest in our account, which has a lot to offer

Every user has the opportunity to setup multiple accounts in different currencies.
Do transactions, crypto- and currency-hedging, online and retail-payments
or gold savings without maintenance- or storage-fees with just one account.
Request a delivery and your gold finds its way to you, for fair shipping costs.

Transactions unlimited

Send and receive gold across the countries, currencies and payment systems without fees.
Top up your account with your preferred payment system.
Your friend or business partner who received your gold sells it with his preferred payment system.
Optionally he can set a surcharge of 1-5% to earn some extra.

Crypto investments are banned in some countries, thanks to Aurupay it is now possible to buy gold with cryptos and then sell this gold afterwards with a different payment system. In this way, the crypto owner sells gold and no more cryptos, bypassing the regulations.

Pay online or retail merchants without installing an app

Do your payment in retail by scanning a QR code and confirming the payment with your password.
Online you only have to confirm your transaction by your password.