Payment processing > Integration

Before you go further, pick or create an account which should accept payments and activate your apiKey. Use this apiKey to assign your business to your Aurupay-account.
When your business uses an other language than english, write its particular Iso6391-code after the domain into the URL, example: for german.

Online payments

Your online business has to redirect the customer to this URL:

Its parameters are as follows:

The obtained apiKey must be entered here.
This is the total price(float) of your products or services which is also mandatory.
This mandatory field means the currency according to the iso4217 format. Only these currencies are supported.
After a customer has finished his payment he will be redirected back to the website of the online merchant. If you want to receive the Aurupay generated trackingId, you can add this parameter: aurupayId to your link, but this is optional.
Whats not optional, is the encoding of your returnUrl with URL-safe base64. Please check out one of the following implementations: PHP, Python, Javascript or Ruby.
Many online shops using their own Tracking-Ids to track a payment, such an ID can be passed here, but it's not mandatory.
If a merchant has already obtained the email-address of the customer he can submit it into this optional field. If not, we will ask the customer for his email-address.

Please note that the status of a payment is not immediately "successful" or "failed" as different payment systems have different processing times. To check this later, we offer the following URL which returns a json-object:

Its parameters are as follows:

This mandatory API-key have to be obtained as already described.
This ID comes from the merchant, when his system is using its own Id to track the status of a payment.
This ID was generated by Aurupay and was sent to the merchant if the aurupayId-parameter was set in the returnUrl.

The returned json-object has this structure:

{ result: { aurupayId: String trackingId: String valueGram: float valueFiat: float status: Successful | Pending | On investigation | Failed } message:API-Key is unknown | Ownership mismatch | Tracking/aurupay - id unknown }

The message-attribute is only set when something went wrong and contains one of the 3 described error-messages. When the request was valid and the transaction exists the result sub-object comes up and contains one of the 4 status messages.

Retail payments

Your retail business has to use this URL:

Its parameters are as follows:

This mandatory apiKey have to be obtained as already described
This is the total price (float) of the products or services. However, this field is optional if you leave it empty, our payment form will ask you afterwards. In addition, you do not have to specify a currency as the currency of your Aurupay account is used.
Many retail shops using their own Tracking-Ids to track a payment, such an ID can be passed here, but it's not mandatory.

You can open this URL simply on your smartphone or tablet and set it as a favorite in your browser. On this way you can accept gold-payments without installing an app or using any additional devices. When a customer want to pay with Aurupay, simply open the page on your smart-phone, type in the total price and let scan him the QR-code. When he authorized the payment, you will get notified instantly.

Donation payments

To receive donations, use this URL:

The only mandatory parameter is the apiKey of the account. After you have append your own apiKey, you can use this URL in a simple link to collect donations.